Portrait of Amelia
Portrait of Amelia
Portrait of Amelia

Mulberry Chronicles

Portrait of Amelia

$18.00 AUD

Portrait of a darling creature. Highly intelligent, affectionate and fiercely loyal, Amelia spends her days exploring the vast castle grounds and chasing moths in The Royal Library. 

You discover The Royal Library at the edge of the woods, in the south wing of the King's castle. 

The Rabbit Scholar and his cat sit amongst books of old world and well read favourites of the kingdom. He has set aside a mahogany armchair just for you. 


  • Wooden brooch with high quality resin coat
  • Measures approximately 6 cm x 5 cm 
  • High quality brooch pin with roller catch
  • Soft beige colour which complements shades of beige, pink, brown, blue, bordeaux, white or black
  • A cute flourish to any outfit

Our original illustrated brooches are carefully hand assembled, painted and finished in our Melbourne studio. Because of this, there may be slight variations in the colour and finish of the product that add to the charm of each item.