Cyperous Two Tone Hime (Princess) Wig
Cyperous Two Tone Hime (Princess) Wig


Cyperous Two Tone Hime (Princess) Wig

$104.00 AUD

Colour: Golden Blonde x Brown

Measurements: front 19cm / side 47cm / back 67cm 

Cyperous wigs are a high quality synthetic wig designed in Japan and made in Korea. 

Cyperous notes on wig handling:

  • Cyperous wigs are made of a new heat-resistant fiber which can withstand heat up to 160 Celsius/320 Farenheit from an iron or hairdryer. It is flammable so please exercise caution and avoid applying excessive heat. 
  • Do not leave the wig where the temperature is high or direct sunlight.
  • Please refrain from brushing the wig too hard as it can cause the wig to lose fibres.
  • Please consult a dermatologist if you experience discomfort when wearing a wig.